VROX designs, crafts, sells, distributes and markets sport-specific interactive simulations. As forerunners in Canada of highly interactive and immersive experiences, VROX aims to establish a niche leadership position as a worldwide supplier. With the expertise of some of Canada’s elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes enables VROX to create the most realistic experience.



The design process began with partnering up with the engineers and designers at Camosun College Applied Research and Innovation. With precision, dexterity, and expertise, the motion platform, powered by the D-BOX actuator, was born as an innovative solution to providing the most realistic physical sensations to mimic the rough movement of the Bobsled, Sit-Ski, and Kayak. VROX lends itself as an advocate for people with disabilities, and as such, designed the Sit-Ski in particular to cater to people who might not be physically able to have the opportunity to engage in such an activity. Each of the simulations assures the greatest amount of exhilaration to be enjoyed by everybody, no matter the body type, weight, or height.
  • Display Types

    VROX will work with our clients to custom build a display type.
  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Designed in Canada – made in Canada
  • Motion Platform

    Sport simulation systems are constantly being enhanced
  • Customization

    VROX Sport Simulators are customizable to meet the needs of our clients


The sport simulators have been designed to offer a broad range of interactivity and sophistication with the kayak being the least challenging and most accommodating for all ages and abilities. The level of difficulty increases through the sit-ski, with the bobsled being the most technical.


Exhilarating +! In the bobsled you will be completely immersed as a bobsled pilot or team member. Your piloting skills will determine the outcome of the experience. Will you finish on the podium or not qualify? Canada’s bobsled pilot, Chris Spring, will tell you how you did.

The custom-built bobsled shell and door provide the user with a level of comfort, realism, and ease of access/egress.

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The kayak shell, seat, and paddle have been designed in a way that exceeds the needs of the user by providing the most comfortable and realistic experience. In particular, the seat offers comfort and support, while the user is battling rampant rapids.

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The sit ski offers a more immersive experience for the user. It is specifically crafted to be accessible for people with or without disabilities. The sit-ski seat frame is easily removed from the platform allowing ramp access for wheelchairs.

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As an owner of a VROX Sport Simulator you are assigned a support representative, on call around the clock. Each representative is eager to help with any issue you may have. From software and hardware updates, your representative is ready to assist you. We firmly believe that having this individual contact, someone who knows you almost as well as you do, makes support easier and customers happier. VROX has even designed a unique remote control capability in every unit to allow our representatives to continue advanced training programs, update software, or troubleshoot any operational issues directly from our shop.

VROX Sport Simulation is confident in high quality craftsmanship of our sport simulators. That is why we provide a comprehensive five-year warranty on all VROX manufactured parts, as well as an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty (up to two years) on all electronic components. In the unlikely event of an issue, VROX has the ability to connect to the simulator to address software hiccups and can provide replacements hardware parts immediately.

If a part is not functioning properly, please immediately discontinue use and contact the manufacturer and VROX Sport Simulation. Delay in contacting VROX Sport Simulation may result in the warranty expiring before arrangements for repair, replacement or refund are made.

For simulator rentals and warranty coverage information, contact us at info@vrox.ca or 778-296-1415.



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